Cargo/Currier Delivery

Cargo currier delivery to some of the remote villages of Nepal is the service we offer to the needed. This program package is designed to those who intended to delivery in irregular places where the land transportation is still unable. Cargo delivery helicopter charter has programed to help the needed one who suffers from various Himalayas avalanche, landslide and other reason that causes scars of health box, foods and other important things. Many touristic region of Nepal still lack the land transportation so we offer different facility of providing various important things as a cargo service.

Cargo or currier delivery to the remote villages of Nepal is the important need to the highlanders. We provide cement, pipes, foods, medicine and many more needs wanted. Nepal is a tough country in geographical aspect so the transportation has still failed to access in the remote places. Some use the cargo service for the medical help others to improve the lifestyle and to inherit modernization. Being remote and untouched but these places are still filled with tourist and trekkers so in order to get food, beverage and good accommodation cargo helicopter charter is essential. Contact us to book your cargo delivery helicopter and enjoy the service we provide. 

Food Delivery to Karnali Region

Karnali region of Nepal is one of the most remote and reserve development region of Nepal. This beautiful Karnali region has some of the most undeveloped places. These village area of Karnali region still do not possess all the means of communication. 

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Delivery Cement and Pipe to Remote Village

Nepal is a developing country where remote villages are still lacked with the means of communication. Being the developing country remote and reserve villages still had to walk hard to bring various needs to their village. 

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Cargo Service Some Valuable Daily Need Items

Cargo service to some of the remote places of Nepal is the most needed service to be provided. Nepal is a developing country with many remote villages. Helicopter cargo service offers you a chance to send the valuable daily needs to the remote villages all around Nepal.

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