Bird Watching by Helicopter Tour

Bird Watching Heli Tour in Nepal is one of the best tours to observe rare and beautiful birds and their habitats. This tour is designed for you to have a closer look from an aerial means into the habitat and nests of birds. Bird watching is more fun and more exciting to be done form helicopter than from land as it provides more detailed and more perfect picture of the birds and its regular ways of life.

Nepal, although being a small country geographically, is rich in biodiversity; making is one of the best venues for all the bird watchers from all around the world. Although being a small country, Nepal has almost 900 species of birds of both residing and migrating types. The country is a true paradise for all the bird lovers. The country possess about 10% of the total birds found in the world, with some of endangered birds like Impeyan Pheasant and Spiny Babbler  found in Nepal only. Only in Kathmandu valley there are more than 500 species of birds. Around the valley are some locations with perfect natural beauty, scenic views and home to hundreds of birds.

Nepal is blessed with bio diversity making the country’s climate different in different regions and so is the vegetation making it a perfect place for different types of birds to reside of migrates in search of suitable weather and landscape. Some of the famous places for bird watching in Nepal are Koshi Tappu, Phulchowki, Shivapuri Area, Bajra Barahi, Godavari Botanical Park, Nagarjun, etc in Kathmandu Valley and Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area, Pokhara Valley, Langtang Gosainkunda region outside the valley and park and conservation areas like Bardia National Park, Sagarmatha National Park and Arun valley. 

Heli Tour to the places provides you with the perfect picture of the birds in their natural world, in large numbers and their beautiful ways of hunting and migrating. You would not want to miss the gorgeous and royal national bird of Nepal, Impeyan Pheasant (Danphe).

Godawori Botanical Garden Visit

Godawari Botanical Garden Heli Tour is the tour designed for you to have the perfect pleasure of visiting the National Botanical Garden of Nepal and its riches of hundreds of birds and plants. 

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Langtang National Park Heli Charter Bird Watching

Langtang National Park Bird Watching Heli Tour gives you the perfect and comfortable tour into the Langtang Region and the natural riches of Langtang Region and the Langtang National Park that is a home to 373 species of birds including Tragopan and Impeyan Pheasant.

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Shivapuri Nagarjung Bird Watching

Shivapuri-Nagarjun Bird Watching Heli Tour is a special tour package organized for tourists unable to trek or hike to the conservation area and also want to add up the scenic pleasure of the area from the air. 

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Koshi Tapppu Bird Watching

Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve Bird Watching Heli Tour is a special tour package designed for people physically unable to take a hike or bus tour to the site. The Heli tour not only focuses of the bird and their habitat in the Koshi region but also the wonderful view of the mighty Koshi River.

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