Kathmandu Syangboche Everest View Helicopter Tour

Everest view trek offers you a picturesque view from a scenic helicopter ride all the way from Kathmandu to Mt Everest base camp. This Everest view tour all the way to the base camp of Everest and some of the holy sites of khumbu region is one of the best and popular trekking destination of the world. The surrounding of mighty Himalayas including shiny lakes, high altitude villages and there culture, majestic panoramic view of Mt Everest and other majestic peaks are some of the attraction of the Everest view tour. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour encounters the desires of tourists who want to take benefit of seeing the most of the area in a short amount of time, and is good for persons in any kind of physical shape and time condition. Helicopter tour to the base of Mt Everest let you explore the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal Himalayas. 

Everest view helicopter tour is a best touring package designed for the professional who seek to view Mt Everest as close as possible within a limited amount of time. Originate this fascinating heli tour offers you a relaxed ride from Kathmandu to Everest region of Nepal offering fascinating natural view. 3-4hours scenic helicopter ride takes you all the way to the chilling spot of Everest region. Commence this fascinating helicopter tour into khumbu region offers you a chance to encounter the scenic beauty with relaxation of the trail along with scenic view. Explore the fascinating view point and cultural place of Syangboche, the old, ancient and popular visiting site along with cultural and lifestyle experience of the highlanders.