Scenic Mountain Flight by Helicopter

Scenic mountain heli flight tour is a designed tour package to let you explore the majestic range of high Himalayas of Nepal. Nepal is the country gifted with enthralling natural beauty and fascinating Himalayan range. Scenic mountain helicopter tour is perfect touring raft for those who crave to view the shiny Himalayas of Nepal and experience the majestic view from above. We offer you an opportunity to explore the splendor beauty of nature bask in the comfort of a helicopter and let you experience the thrill and adventure above the Himalayas. 

Scenic mountain helicopter tour is the best way to explore Nepal. Nepal is a small country with total land area of 147,181sq. Km, so helicopter tour let you explore and visualize much beauties then by land trek or tour. Nepal tours offers you an immense selection of destination from lower terrai province to high mountain expanse. Exploring Nepal has always been the choice of national and international tourists. The country of Mt Everest (8848m), the roof of the world is the most attract of Nepal Himalayas along with other mighty Himalayas. Scenic mountain helicopter tour can satisfy your thirst of exploring the high Himalayas and envisioning the top Himalayas range of the world. 

Scenic mountain helicopter tour is a delighted tours package that is designed for the tourist to explore the beauty of Nepal from above the Himalaya assortment. This exploring tour is a comfortable well designed as per the welfare of our guests. We offer you a comfortable ride along with highly experienced pilot and guide who will direct you and express you all the majestic peaks and mountain views. Commencing this tour not only let you explore the mountain range but also let you experience the thrill and adventure above high Himalayas.