Wildlife Safari & Heli Tour

Wild Life Safari and Heli Tour in Nepal is the package designed for you to enjoy to the fullest of the geographical bliss, the rich vegetation and the rarest and beautiful flora and fauna residing in the country accompanied by an adventurous jungle safari and the riches of the best national parks and reserves in the country. Wild Life Safari and Heli Tour to the safari zone and surrounding is the combined package created for you to enjoy the beauty of the region from both surface and the inside.

Nepal is a country ranking among the top in the world for the beautiful, diversified and unique landscapes and vegetation and for the rare flora and fauna beautiful as well as educational for some tourists. The country provides you with some of the best national parks and conservation areas that are home to some of the almighty animals, birds and flowers. The tour to these places through safari and aerial means gives you the pleasure of not only the close contact with many beautiful and rare floras and faunas but also the extremely interesting aerial tour showing the forest and its features from outside the forest. The Heli Tour is simply the best way to overlook at the habitat of animals and birds and the vastness of these parks without disturbing the habitat. The aerial tour followed by safari will eliminate all of your curiosity making this tour the most attractive of its kind. 

Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan National Park Heli Tour and Jungle Safari is the perfect tour package created to enjoy both the aerial and land observation of this most popular park and wildlife conservation of Nepal. 

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Parsa Wildlife Camp

Parsa Wildlife Camp and Heli Tour is one of the best experiences of a forest camping, jungle safari and jungle exploration through helicopter. The dominant landscape of the reserve with sub tropical forests ranging over the 90% of the reserve (499 sq. km.) is simply the best view to watch from aerial means.

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Suklapahata Conservation Area

Royal Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve Safari and Heli Tour is a package designed for you to explore the nationally and globally important biodiversity through helicopter and land safari. This is an interesting tour to this small but a very dominant reserve responsible for conserving a wide range of rare flora and fauna with a great value to the world.

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